Team Up evaluation report

What have we learned about peer support from Team Up?

Read our report from Intellectual Disability Behaviour Support Program at UNSW.

What we do

We build on the leadership and influence of people with disability.

We support you to become more actively involved in your community.

What is peer support?

Peers are people like you with a common interest or lived experience.

Peers can support each other by sharing advice and solving problems together.

Peer support is a powerful way to make changes in your life and in the community.


Ibby's Story

My name is Abrahim Darouiche, or Ibby, and I am 26 years old. I have a physical disability known as neuro-muscular dystrophy.

I work as a peer facilitator with the Diversity and Disability Alliance (DDA) and as a peer mentor, where I form one-on-one relationships with a person with disability or their family member.

Before I joined DDA, I felt socially isolated. I found it difficult to communicate with others and my conversations were really short. I wanted to avoid people.

When I was told about DDA and the Peer2Peer cafes that they were running, I was a bit unsure about whether this was the right thing for me.

A Peer2Peer cafe is an information session run by people with disability, for people with disabilities, their family, friends and allies, on a particular topic they need help and support with.

The room was filled with positive energy and the participants were interacting with the facilitators. It reminded me of my days back at university and college, where I used to help people with their studies.

Helping others to achieve their goals, was always a passion of mine. Just the act of helping others makes me feel good inside. I knew then what I wanted to do. I wanted to become a facilitator.

Read Ibby's full story here.

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