What we do

We build on the leadership and influence of people with disability.

We support you to become more actively involved in your community.

What is peer support?

Peers are people like you with a common interest or lived experience.

Peers can support each other by sharing advice and solving problems together.

Peer support is a powerful way to make changes in your life and in the community.

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Norah's Story

Norah was having lots of problems with her service provider and felt she had no say in who supported her or when they would turn up. Sometimes, her support worker would not let her take her guide dog in the car when she went out. Sometimes she stayed home all day and no-one turned up!

Then Norah joined a peer group that her friend went to. At the peer group, Norah listened to stories of how other people had made changes with their supports. Feeling brave after hearing their stories, Norah started to have some difficult conversations with her service provider. When she wasn’t sure what to do next, Norah shared some of her frustrations with the peer group and learnt what other people had done when they had had the same problems. Norah became more confident and began to choose who would support her and what her support worker would work with her to achieve.

Now Norah is in complete control of her support and loves it. She pays her peer support forward, sharing her story with her peers so they can learn to have the same choice, control and freedom that she now enjoys.

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