Grantees teaming up!

Team Up grant recipients recently came together for an ‘induction day’ to learn about managing their grant, to network, and to share ideas.

“There was so much energy in the room,” said Sharon Holz, who received a grant for the Essential Employment peer support group. “It was alive! People were so enthusiastic about the whole concept!”

Sharon runs a peer group that talks about employment issues for people with disability, and helps prepare them for entering the workforce.

“Employment for people with disability is a passion of mine, and it’s come a long way. Things are improving, but there’s still a lot of stigma,” she said.

“I’m really excited to kick things along and build the group’s confidence and skill level. I want them to know that they are able, and just as good as anybody else.”

Sharon’s group is just one of 27 new and existing disability peer groups that Team Up is supporting with grants of between $1000 and $10,000.

Who are the Team Up peer groups?

Team Up peer groups are spread across NSW, from the southern border town of Albury-Wodonga all the way up to Ballina in Northern NSW.

The majority of groups are run by people with disability for people with disability, with some groups for  carers and family members too.

Peer support is the common factor in all these groups. The idea of peer support is to create a safe space for people to come together, give advice and share experiences.

Some of the groups are exploring art and creative mediums as ways to encourage self-expression, while some focus on expanding business and employment opportunities for people with disability.

Inclusion is also an important focus of the Team Up peer groups, with one group in Wagga Wagga educating local businesses on how to be more accessible to people with disability.

Below is a list of grantees and a description of what each group will be doing with its Team Up funding.

Creatives Collectives
Creating a safe space for artists with disabilities in Coonabarabran to get together, support and promote each other as artists.

Freedom Fighters
A group of people with intellectual disability, who support each other to be more confident, speak up and stand up for one another.

Micro Enterprise Hub
A Hub of people of all abilities who come together in shared co-operation, ownership and purpose to create their own micro enterprises.

Blacktown Peer Support Group
Peer Power 2018 – A two day Peer Support Conference that encapsulates the real meaning of “nothing about us without us” and gives peers an opportunity to recharge their knowledge, plug into new ideas, energise their skills and get into new networks.

Deaf Peers Hunter
Building the capacity of peer support in the deaf community in the Hunter through accessible peer support training, delivered by deaf people for deaf people.

An adult autism peer support group run by autistics providing support through self-advocacy and self-determination of autistic adults, and advocating for the growing need for support and services tailored to autistic adults.

We Advocate Change
Creating a safe space for people with psychosocial disability and reducing stigma and discrimination by supporting peers to engage in a meaningful life.

Maitland Peer Support Group
A place for people with disabilities, their families and carers to come together and share their experiences as peers in the Maitland area.

Spinal Cord Injury Peer Group
A new peer support group for people with a spinal cord injury, including people who are paraplegic and quadriplegic, to help them get out in the community and support one another.

Korean Disability & Carers Group
Inner West Sydney
A purely peer-led group that will organises group meetings and community open workshops for Korean people with disability and families, and a multicultural peer café in Ryde.

The Disability Peer Support Group
Creating a strong and independent peer group for people living in isolated areas to increase their skills and knowledge to support one another and to lead the change for a more inclusive community for all.

Write Up!
A literary group that builds the capacity of each member as writers and poets, while also helping to equip them to function in the other roles a group requires.

Speak Up Hunter
A group of people with intellectual disability who focus on their rights and how they can make sure their voices get stronger and are heard.

Penrith ASD Open Discussion Group
A group dedicated to creating a safe and respectful environment for other people with Autism Spectrum Disorder and their families, friends and supporters to openly discuss the issues, challenges and achievements on their autism journey.

Regional Disability Advocacy
Peer led groups for aboriginal people with disability in southern NSW and culturally appropriate self-advocacy training for people with and without disabilities.

Minecraft Mentor
A group of parents of autistic children launching a pilot project designed to meet the social and neurocognitive functioning of their autistic children of Primary School age using the highly motivating ‘sandbox game’ environment of Minecraft.

Reframing Autism
A group led by autistic adults, and autistic parents of autistic children, to provide information and support to non-autistic parents of young autistic children.

New England Women Support Network
A peer support network for women with intellectual disability living in rural NSW with an opportunity for peer leadership and to gain access to independent information on rights and the NDIS.

Community Disability Information Alliance
Ballina and Kirra
Carers, family members and people with disability who have a common interest and passion for learning and sharing new information locally to empower one another and strength community connections.

VietTimes Peer Group
A peer network for Vietnamese family members and carers of children with disability to talk through issues, share information, make friendships and build their community.

Peer Community
A peer group to share knowledge and experiences and come up with solutions about how to improve the community and the way people use their NDIS funding.

Artists Beyond Frames
A group of people with an acquired brain injury who run an art studio together. They provide opportunities to regain social skills, a new sense of belonging and plan to take their studio out into the community.

All About Us
Wagga Wagga
This peer group will conduct an accessibility audit of local businesses, improving access, promoting awareness and building foundations for a more inclusive community

Essential Employment Peer Support Group
This peer group will run an employment workshop and a forum to discuss issues around disability and employment to help build momentum for people with disability to enter the workforce.

DeafBlind Peer Group
A peer group that helps to increase the knowledge and skills of group members, improve exchange of experiences and ideas and promote confidence, with members acting as peer mentors to each other and other people

Deaf and Hard of Hearing Youth Group
Coffs Harbour
A group that brings together deaf and hard of hearing young people to learn from one another about deaf culture and to develop independent living skills

A learning hub that builds the digital literacy of its members by exploring different technology with one another. They will make a short film and a book in an Easy Reading format to celebrate and promote the great work they do.

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