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Ibby sitting beside a man listening

From social isolation to social participation

05 June 2018

My name is Abrahim Darouiche, or Ibby, and I am 26 years old. I have a physical disability known as neuro-muscular dystrophy. I work as a peer facilitator with the Diversity and Disability Alliance (DDA) and as a peer mentor, where I form one-on-one relationships with a person with disability or their family member. My main aim is to support these people to become more independent with their decision making and their lives.

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Peter facing camera

Taking control of accessibility in Dubbo

04 June 2018

I had a stroke four years ago, on my 61st birthday. It has affected mobility on my left side and prevented me from working for three years. Looking back, I can see that in the years before there was a period where I wasn’t well. I didn’t recognise that there was something fairly serious wrong.

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Tony facilitating group

“We are the expert in our lives. We are living with disability.”

30 May 2018

My name is Tony Petrin. I’m 30 years old and I have a disability called cerebral palsy. I work at Northcott three days a week. I help people with disability do activities like go out to the park, bowl, garden, cook, and lots of things like that. I help people to be independent in their own life.

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peer power logo

Watch Peer Power in action

15 May 2018

In March this year, The Blacktown Peer Support Group held a hugely successful conference for people who use wheelchairs or mobility scooters. The two day Peer Power conference shared ideas about peer support and discussed issues like travel and accessibility. Watch the video above to see how it all went. You can also read more about the conference here.  

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Becoming the rainbow in someone else’s cloud

03 May 2018

My name is Jenny and I have a psycho-social disability (mental health condition). I have recently completed all three Team Up workshops – Introduction to Peer Support, Peer Mentoring and Peer Facilitator training. I have really enjoyed the experience of being in a group with people that have a wide variety of disabilities; hearing & vision impaired, intellectual, physical and many more.

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Members of write up with mainstream and me facilitators Alex and Shalija

Newcastle literary group is write up Alex’s street

30 April 2018

Newcastle literary group, ‘Write Up!’, recently welcomed Alex and Shailaja from Council for Intellectual Disability’s Mainstream and Me project to join a session to learn more about poetry and writing. Alex Elliott, a keen writer himself, penned his thoughts below following his meeting with the group.

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Group of peers in wheelchairs at the Peer Power Conference

“I’m home!” Peer power for wheelchair users in Sydney

07 March 2018

“When I rolled in and saw everyone in wheelchairs, I just thought, oh my god I’m home” – Nina Crumpton speaking at the Peer Power conference in Sydney. Nina was just one of a group of people with physical disability who came together to explore peer support at ‘Peer Power’, a conference held last weekend in western Sydney.

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Speak Up Hunter group getting into the groove as rap artists

“Get out of the way, this is my world!”

05 March 2018

Speak Up Hunter is a group of people with intellectual disability who are using their voice to stand up for their rights. Not only are they advocating for the rights of their peers with disability, they are doing it through song. Country rap no less!

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Group of Team Up grantees at induction day

Grantees teaming up!

09 February 2018

Team Up grant recipients recently came together for an ‘induction day’ to learn about managing their grant, to network, and to share ideas. “There was so much energy in the room,” said Sharon Holz, who received a grant for the Essential Employment peer support group. “It was alive! People were so enthusiastic about the whole concept!”

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